Craigslist Missed Connection at Goldman Sachs

Apr 20, 2012
J. Webster
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It’s springtime, so of course love is in the air. Over at Goldman Sachs there was a missed connection like something out of a cartoon. A glance was held for an extra long time, held so long that your head nearly spins off its body and then hearts start to fly out of your eyes and you float off the ground for a few brief minutes in a state of bliss.

Let’s hope these two can find one another. Seems like the chances are good. In New York, what with tempatures beening unseasonably warm of late, imagine we’ll see more of these.

Goldman Sachs building today… – w4m – 23 (Lower Manhattan)
Date: 2012-04-18, 1:45AM EDT
Reply to:

I was entering the building for the interview and you were leaving the building…
around 3 30pm…and we looked at each other for a while… I looked back and you also looked back…..actually I think you did longer.

I thought you are cute to be a banker…. my interviewer was a female so no way to compare the cuteness of employees of the firm but I am pretty sure you are in the top tranche……..

I do not think I can find you here, but I might..
the odds says I am being too optimistic, but when one tries to defeat the odds something great happens…(Craigslist)

I guess she doesn’t know that Lloyd Blankfein is married. And I guess Lloyd was feeling a little frisky that day and having a look around at the talent entering the building…I’m assuming it was Lloyd unless it was one of the other bald Goldman Sachs employees.

Hat tip to Lauren La Capra for the story.

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