Charlie Gasparino Doing Serious Investigative Work Into Goldman Sachs MuppetGate

Apr 11, 2012
J. Webster
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I don’t know what’s worse here, Goldman Sachs actually investigating to see if any of their employees are calling clients Muppets, or that Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino is still investigating whether or not Goldman Sachs employees are calling employees Muppets.

And what’s even more comical is that Goldman Sachs isn’t really doing this due diligence investigation, they’re just playing a trick on Charlie. I can picture CEO Lloyd Blankfein telling his tech department just to say they’ve come up with some algorithm to search out emails for the use of word Muppet. Or maybe they’ve enlisted Google to help them search their emails and databases for the term Muppet. In fact, they’ve put all their trading and financial work on hold until they get to the bottom of MuppetGate.

Oh, I wish that were true. I’m sure clients have been called a lot worse than Muppet by one or two employees of Goldman Sachs. And I’m betting Goldman is going to promote the 2% who actually used the term and maybe fire anyone who saw the movie.

Now that I think about it, I might just turn into Fox Business to see how Charlie handles this and to see what he actually came up with, for comic, good laughs purposes.

Can’t wait to hear what Charlie Gasparino has discovered at 1:30.

Update: Here it is, the full story. Sure, while this was all in good fun, Charlie’s done quite a few stories on MuppetGate. Maybe he’s just doing it to annoy Lloyd Blankfein some more…What’s important though, according to intrepid reporter Charlie Gasparino, Greg Smith doesn’t deserve such a huge book deal unless he’s got some sordid details about Lloyd Blankfein visiting a sex den in Bangkok, Thailand. It doesn’t matter that he’s calling out Goldman Sachs for deceiving or duping clients.

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