Nonsense: These People Represent the True Morgan Stanley

Mar 10, 2012
J. Webster
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In light of the recent events surrounding a few Morgan Stanley brokers and executives, Morgan Stanley would like you to know that these two gentlemen, the executive who allegedly stabbed a cab driver and the broker who may or may not have been helping a madam set up an online hooker website, don’t reflect the balance of the employees at Morgan Stanley.

Here’s a quick run down of a few Morgan Stanley employees, just a random sample mind you, and not a list of the greatest employees, but just a selection of employees who truly embody the Morgan Stanley ethos. Morgan Stanley is a company who stands for hard work, integrity, honesty and cares deeply about its clients.

There’s mail clerk Tod Sims, who always opens the door for people and holds the elevator whenever someone is rushing to get on board.

There’s account manager Freddy Cross, who likes to bring in donuts on Fridays for the whole team. And he always makes sure to get one jelly filled donut and one with sprinkles since two team members love those donuts in particular.

There’s executive secretary Judith Bright, who walks her neighbor’s dog Diamond since her neighbor hurt her ankle playing tennis a few weeks ago and is unable to get the poodle to Central Park like she’s used to. Mrs. Bright just adores doggies, and especially poodles.

There’s young commodities analyst Bobby Montclair, who rakes the leaves and shovels the snow off the driveway of his neighbors just because it seems like the right thing to do.

There’s technology analyst Stephanie Smith, who bakes pies for the homeless shelter near Morgan Stanley’s headquarters in New York. No, she doesn’t ask for any recognition or payment.

There’s broker Ben Martinez, who helps young Mexican immigrant couples with their English when they are trying to get a mortgage or car loan. He’ll give out some business advice too, if asked, but mainly translates when necessary.

There’s trader Gino Zambrotta, who parties every single night until at least 4am and still makes it to work on time and has been killing it on his oil trades. Oops, wrong list.

There’s risk manager Wally Snead, who runs triathlons and raises money for cancer research since his mother past away from the disease three years ago.

There’s trader Ben Fredrick, who leveraged up on Apple into the earnings call, even though his boss said to go easy, and made a zillion dollars. However, Mr. Fredrick sold the entire position after earnings and Apple took off to over $530 a share in less than three weeks. His boss told him to make sure to keep a half a position after earnings. Oops, he’s not supposed to be on this list.

There’s trader Frank Middleton, who shorted the hell out of First Solar and made millions of dollars but then went long the stock and lost all of the money he’d made shorting it. Oops, wrong list.

There’s trader Bobby Freeman, who was part of the team who brought the Facebook IPO on board but then bragged about it on Facebook which pissed Facebook off and they then let Goldman Sachs have a bigger piece of the IPO. Oops, yeah, he shouldn’t be on this list.

There’s risk manager Bobby Mack, who developed $200 million worth of derivatives whose performance was tied to mortgage-backed securities, sold them to clients and then bet against the same derivatives, which is now being investigated. Oops, wrong this. He’s on the bad list. Sorry.

There’s Jared Weinryt, who went rogue and built up a $1 billion position in futures contracts that led to a $15 million loss. Yeah, oops, he’s not supposed to be on this list. And he was fined $7,500.

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