The Evolution of Bernanke’s Beard

Mar 20, 2012
J. Webster
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Well, it seems Benny Bernanke has had his famous beard for some time, going way back to his early days as a university professor. Believe it or not though, there was a point where Bernanke didn’t actually have a beard. Yeah, it seems like he even had the beard has a little child, but no he didn’t. Instead of the beard Bernanke went with a crazy mustache while going to school at Harvard. I bet he got into some mischief. Looks like he did.

There then was the slow graying of the beard until it eventually became as white as snow around the time he became Treasury Secretary of the United States. But it’s no wonder it turned white, imagine taking over as U.S. treasury secretary when the financial world is on the verge of collapse? Anybody’s beard would turn white if the whole financial world was hanging in the balance and looking at you for answers. I still say Bernanke’s bearded face will be on the face of coin someday. It will happen. It must. It will. Long live Bernanke’s beard.

Some are saying this is what Bernanke’s beard will look like in 2015. That’s quite a change.

Image sources: Dealbreaker and Bloomberg

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