Stephanie Ruhle Has Jim Cramer Like Energy

Mar 23, 2012
J. Webster
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Stephanie Ruhle has been at Bloomberg for, I’m guessing, a little over a year since leaving Deutsche Bank for TV. Well, she sure has brought some energy to the usually staid sets of Bloomberg.

When she talks other Bloomberg hosts are sort of in awe of her and her willingness to let it all hang out – talk like she really talked when she was working on Wall Street. She’s not afraid to call people out. Their mouths hang open sometimes and smiles cross their faces as she runs through her TV appearances. They’re like, damn she’s funny and fun. I love her enthusiasm. I want to be her.

She’s almost got as much energy as Jim Cramer over at CNBC. Well, I wouldn’t go that far but the women’s not afraid to get a little animated. Perhaps it’s due to how much she works out. I’d loved to see a Cramer versus Ruhle face off. See who can out gesticulate the other. Here’s her hit on the “JCore” workout routine that supposedly every Wall Street trader is now doing whenever they have a spare minute. The “JCore” technique is from Jay Cardiello, who came up with the “50 Cent’s Workout”.

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