Research in Motion Has Stores?

Mar 21, 2012
J. Webster
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I had no idea Research in Motion even had stores. Who knew. Don’t think too many people. You don’t hear about long lines forming out front of their stores to get the latest Blackberry. Fans sleeping in tents out front so they can be first in line. Nope.

To think Blackberries were once called Crackberries, as people couldn’t put them down and loved the keyboard feature. Now it’s all about touch and sliding your finger across the screen and the iPhone. The Blackberry was huge in the legal sector about ten years ago. Lawyers couldn’t leave the office without them. The once beloved smart phone is collapsing and the butt of jokes. The stock (RIMM) is trading at around $14 a share when it once traded for $144. Traders are calling it a value trap while some think it can be saved.

Hat top to Shelia Dharmarajan of Bloomberg for the image from Newark airport.

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