Possible Titles of Greg Smith’s New Book

Mar 30, 2012
J. Webster
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Yes, Greg Smith is writing a book about the 12 years he spent making loads of money working at Goldman Sachs. But there was a point where Smith got tired of making all that money and he felt the culture had changed. He felt Goldman no longer cared about clients. He wanted no more of the calling clients Muppets business. That’s when he quit and famously went on to write the gutsy NY Times Op-Ed piece.

The new book is going to turn out to be a nice bread winner for Smith, as in a whopping $1.5 million in his pocket. That’s a fairly large sum of money. What’s the title of this new book he’s shopping around? No idea. But we thought we’d help him out a little bit and run through a few possible titles for said book.

Goldman Sachs is Mean
Don’t Tickle My Elmo Anymore
Greedy Muppets
Book About Wall Street, Same Old Story
No Vampire Squid Blood on These Hands
Opaque Products
Am I Being Hypocritical
The Bonuses Got Smaller
Hunt Elephants
Goldman Is Pissed at Me
Watching My Back
I Made Loads of Money in 12 Years Now I Can Quit
Goldman Is Going to Hunt Me Down
Don’t Eat Muppets
Save the Muppets
Free the Muppets
Mo Money Muppets
Goldie Sock Puppets
Loser’s Poker (via Twitter from Ivan the K)
Quitter (via Twitter from Real Interloper)

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