Joe Weisenthal Remains Calm Despite Cramer’s Antics

Mar 23, 2012
J. Webster
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I’m guessing Joe Weisenthal was a little bit nervous when he came on CNBC’s show Street Signs in his first ever CNBC appearance. But thankfully he had a wild and crazy man next to him holding an iPad with an oven mitt over his head. Cramer said he wasn’t actually going to hit Joe with the iPad but was heating him up. This all because the “new” iPad is said to be like 12 degrees hotter than the previous one.

What was impressive though was how Joe remained calm and cool in the face of Jim Cramer hovering over and near him for his entire set. In some was it was a blessing for Joe I imagine, having Cramer there took the edge off so to speak. On the other hand, Joe really didn’t get to talk too much since Cramer kept cutting him off or jumping into the conversation. Literally. See it here if you missed it.

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