Goldman Sachs Not Just Scanning Emails for “Muppets”

Mar 22, 2012
J. Webster
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So, like yeah, Goldman Sachs is scanning emails for the term “Muppet”, which is the word legendary New York Times Op-Ed writing former Goldman Sachs employee, Greg Smith, said executives used to describe less than smart clients. The implication was that “Muppets” were clients who could be duped, suckered, and used, more or less. These “Muppets” were clients who might buy a bunch of mortgage-backed securities that were worthless.

However, it seems “Muppet” or “Muppets” aren’t the only terms being scanned these days by the vampire squid’s tentacles. Here are a few more words or phrases Goldman Sachs is presently scanning employee emails for. Sure, you’d think Goldman employees would be smart enough not to punch in some of these words or sentences in a company email, but you’d be surprised:

They won’t find out
No, it’s not bad for the client
There’s a sucker born everyday
Easy prey
This client will believe anything you say
Hook line and sinker
That was easy
The one that Spitzer used
A harem of hookers
The brothel that Morgan Stanley uses
Matt Taibbi
Rolling Stone
Occupy Wall Street
I agree with Greg Smith
I liked Greg Smith’s Op-Ed
I read Greg Smith’s Op-Ed
I’m going to write an Op-Ed in the New York Times
Raj Rajaratnam
Rajat Gupta
My friend Raj Rajaratnam
Miss Piggy
Kermit the Frog
Fozzie Bear
Swedish Chef
I’d work at Morgan Stanley
God’s work

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