Goldman Sachs Loves David Walker

Mar 8, 2012
J. Webster
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While Morgan Stanley is feeling the pain from all this brothel talk, over at Goldman Sachs, they’re laughing their asses off. Lloyd Blankfein spit out his coffee when he heard the news about the Morgan Stanley broker and the madam.

Said broker, David Walker, says he was just “friends” with the “Upper East Side madam” Anna Gristina, but he’s been put on administrative leave from Morgan Stanley until things are more clear on his exact role.

Meanwhile, over at Goldman Sachs, they’re putting up posters of the man in the hallways to honor him. It’s been said that Walker was going to help Madam Gristina build an online call girl website – she’s claimed it was going to be a legit online dating website and take on Walker has denied any kind of business relationship with her.

After all the praise that rained down on Morgan Stanley when they won the majority of Facebook IPO bake off, Goldman Sachs is really enjoying this bit of brothel news that’s ensnared their rival.

What’s more, it seems Walker wasn’t the only Morgan Stanley employee who had ties to the so called madam. And he was all too happy to throw them under the bus, not name names exactly (he’s smarter than that), but all too willing to make this idiotic statement:

“She had plenty of other people at Morgan Stanley, I don’t know why they’re talking about me,” the broker, who works in Morgan Stanley’s midtown New York offices, said in an interview with DNAinfo yesterday.

And with this new tidbit of information, Lloyd Blankfein proceeded to spit out more of his coffee and laugh for a full twenty minutes. It was a good laugh. Perhaps the hardest he’s laughed in years.

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