Top Ten Reasons You Should NOT Buy Shares of Apple

Feb 11, 2012
J. Webster
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So, everyone and their uncle loves Apple’s stock these days and more or less says it’s never going to go down. Oh, Apple is sooooooo wonderful and soooooo great. They make such beeeeaaaautiful products. They’re computers are so sharp and intuitive and so cleeeeean and so cooooool.

Each week Apple’s stock hits a new high and they’re market capitalization grows bigger than such and such country or such and such combination of companies. And then there are people saying the stock is going to $1,000 a share. Craziness. And then there’s the new iTV and the new iPad 3 and new iThingamajiggy, and so on. I’m sooooooo tired of hearing all this talk and want to lay out some reasons why you shouldn’t buy shares of Apple. Should not. Yes, I just said that.

10. Warren Buffett’s not buying it
9. It’s share price is too high already and my broker said not to buy it
8. CNBC Fast Money contributor Steve Cortes said Apple is just not that innovative anymore
7. Competitors like Research in Motion and Microsoft will start to catch up
6. Siri’s voice is annoying on the iPhone 4S; and she’s rude sometimes
5. Apple products are addicting and they will be outlawed soon
4. People will get tired of standing in line at Apple stores and buy something else
3. Apple has too much cash, close to $100 billion, and they aren’t buying anything with it but just let it sit there collecting dust
2. Albert Gore is on the board of directors
1. It’s not like the United States Air Force is buying 18,000 iPads or something

Bonus reason not to buy shares of Apple: The iPad is too thin and flimsy. Just look at the picture above. It’s so thin you could break it like a piece of glass.

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