Samonsite CEO Timothy Parker Has Incredible Hair

Feb 23, 2012
J. Webster
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Ok, so I thought Paul McCulley had run away with the best hair award on Wall Street, but it looks like he’s got some competition from Samsonite CEO Timothy Parker, who’s got a pile of curly hair on top of his had that is part perm and part bird’s nest.

It seems like CEOs who aren’t going bald want to flaunt just how much hair they can grow on top of their heads. Of course, that’s if this is Mr. Parker’s real hair. If it’s not, I wonder if it comes with a warranty like the luggage.

The consensus on Twitter is Mr. Parker’s hair would easily take top prize in the Westminster poodle category.

If you just must see more of Mr. Parker’s incredible hair then watch his interview on CNBC with Becky Quick. How did Becky not ask or say something about his hair? You know she wanted to. She’s a pro though and constrained herself.

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