Larry Fink Backtracking From All in Statement?

Feb 10, 2012
J. Webster
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Seems like Larry Fink is backtracking a bit from his confident call that people should be 100 percent in equities due to low interest rates. Now he’s saying everyone should tailor their investment strategy to their personal risk tolerance and individual goals:

“It’s important to get cash off the sidelines and back into the markets so people can get the returns they need and we can get our economies moving again,” Fink, chief executive officer of the world’s largest asset-management firm, told BlackRock employees in Beijing yesterday. “Obviously, everyone needs a portfolio tailored to their risk-tolerance and goals; one size doesn’t fit all,” Fink said. (Bloomberg)

Meanwhile, Fink exercised 177,000 options to buy his companies stock at $37.36 and sold then sold those shares at the current price of $186.29 apiece on Feb. 3. So, should we still be all in on stocks or should we adjust our portfolio based upon our goals? Think it’s the later. Oh yeah, Fink made about $26.4 Million on the transaction.

Thanks Larry for the update.

But Mr. Fink, have you also noticed the market has surged the past few months and maybe it’s time to rest for a little while. I wish you’d made that all in call when the market was collapsing due to the European debt crisis. That sure would have been more timely and helpful. Anyway, seems you’ve done good with your own portfolio.

Hold on, Mr. Fink, was that 100% call some sort of do as I say not as a do type thing? I’m confused now.

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