Collection of Quotes About What It’s Like to Trade the TVIX

Feb 15, 2012
J. Webster
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It’s been called the devil, the TVIX. Why? Well, the TVIX is the epitome of the mad and crazy nature of the stock market.

So, if you’ve every traded the TVIX you know it can fluctuate just a little bit. And yes that’s an understatement. Owning the TVIX is like enduring a series of flash crashes every 5 minutes while swimsuit models appear in a dream like sequence, fading in and out as they tell you it’s going to be all right and the TVIX will rise again. Just believe in it. You see the TVIX jumps down and then up, soars and then swoons, at the faintest sound of good news. You see going long the TVIX is all about wanting bad news and negativity so it will go up.

The TVIX is a stock-trading tool only for the pros, and those willing to suffer to earn great wealth when the doom and gloom set in for periods of time. It is what the stock traders own if they think they world is coming to an end. Or at least that’s what they hope for in the short term.

It’s one of ticker traders look at and try to gauge where the crazy market will go. And holding the TVIX overnight, that’s another story all together, as news or rumors can seep in while you’re sound asleep that just might sink the TVIX overnight and you’ll wake up in a state of panic with it down over 25%. However, there’s always the chance some bad news will make it soar.

“Being long TVIX is similar to hang gliding while doing 2 hits of great acid.”

“Professional skydivers and bungee jumpers are best suited to trading TVIX. Except there ain’t no chute or cord in the TVIX.”

“”As usual, TVIX traded like crack today.”

“TVIX so hot right now LINSANITY is all over $TVIX LOL Lets goooooooooooooo!! Bears are coming!”

“TVIX buyers too happy, time to wipe out the gains in 5 mins lol.”

“Riding TVIX is like riding a bull if you…ride it for 8 seconds it is a victory and seems like an eternity.”

“Trading the TVIX on an up day is like being chased by a wild pack of dogs and you run into an alley.”

“The strange strength of $VXX and $TVIX coupled with the very strong market action + parabolic $AAPL leads me to think fireworks are coming.”

“Owning the TVIX when everything is green is like being water boarded with boiling water.”

“Why did I buy the TVIX? I can not take the pain anymore. I give up. Mercy.”

“The first question the therapist asked me was what did I want to take about. I simply said the TVIX.”

“Want to know what it’s like to trade the TVIX? Picture yourself falling into a volcano.”

“TVIX is like a transvestite horror film character version of VXX.”

Have you traded the TVIX? If so, please let us know what it’s like in the comments section below. Let’s just say you’re brave for trading this wild beast of a stock.

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