Apple Products That Will Blow Your Mind

Feb 24, 2012
J. Webster
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Tim Cook came out swinging at the Apple shareholders meeting, saying Apple will release some products that will blow your mind. Wow, just what could these products be that will blow your mind?

“You can be assured we are working as hard as ever this year to deliver an incredible year and some products that will blow your mind,” said Cook, 51, speaking before investors at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. (Forbes)

Google came out with Google Goggles. Everyone has a computer/smart phone in their pocket these days. Apple’s iPads are flying off the shelves and everyone can’t wait for the next version. Facebook is set to have their IPO. Twitter is surging in popularity. How does Apple fit into all of this?

Just what product could Apple come up with that will change things in a way that will surprise you and “blow your mind”. Is it something related to music, television, movies….can’t wait to find out. Is is an actual Apple TV? There’s talk of a TV that you can talk to if you want to change the channel, powered by Siri so to speak. How about a 3D television?

Most likely, what Apple will do and does is just make things we already have incredibly better and useful. And not only better but prettier and skinnier and faster. That’s just what Apple does. They blow your mind seamlessly tying things together and make it something you can’t live with out.

And here again we are learning why Apple is a never sell type of stock. It’s one you hold for a lifetime.

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