Warren Buffett Playing the Ukulele

Jan 23, 2012
J. Webster
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Maybe Buffett will go on tour with Steve Martin. What do you think? Yeah, Martin plays the banjo but I’m sure he could fit in Buffett somewhere. I hear when Buffett goes on tour it will only be in select cities and he won’t answer any stock market related questions – he just want to strum the ukulele and get away from stocks when on tour.

US billionaire Warren Buffett has appeared singing and playing the ukulele on Chinese state television. The billionaire popped up on CCTV and wished the people of China “a happy new year.” The Lunar New Year of the Dragon begins at midnight on Sunday. “Your country has accomplished amazing things, and the best is yet to come,” Buffett told the broadcaster. The investor is well respected in China for his financial success.

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