Todd Palin Says Buy RIMM

Jan 11, 2012
J. Webster
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Yeah, I’ve decided to make some stock picks this year. First up, I’m going to endorse Research in Motion (RIMM) as a strong buy. It’s a good stock to own right now. It’s been kicked around and has now battled back a little bit. I respect that in a stock.

Yes, I actually have a Blackberry believe it or not. I use if for emailing my wife. And I’m going to buy one of those Blackberry PlayBooks for my daughter. I’m buying RIMM because someone is going to buy this company. It’s too cheap. Oh, I think Microsoft could easily come in and buy it. I’m looking at getting out around $20 a share.

Yeah, I know, I should be on CNBC or something right. No, I just started trading stocks a few years ago when we came into some money from my wife’s books and her Fox News gig. Sure, I could setup something similar to her. You know, have a video room up in our house in Alaska and do a segment about stocks everyday. I like to sleep in though, it’d have to be after the market closes. Ahhh, yeah, something like my daily take on the market or something like that.

Short interest. What do you mean? No, I didn’t know you could short a stock. People are shorter the stock of RIMM? You have to buy and then sell it when you short it. That’s just wierd.

No, I don’t like Apple. I think they’re too liberal. Canada. No, way. I didn’t know Research in Motion is a Canadian company. I might have to rethink my stock pick. But you know my thesis is that RIMM will be bought out by an American company, so I can stick with it.

Of course, of course, on my stock market show I’d do a lot of takes on outdoors type of stocks, hunting and fishing type stocks. Harley Davidson – that’s a Buffett stock I think. I know Warren. I’ve met him. North Face, I love my North Face jacket. Who makes it? And yeah, companies that make snowmobiles and fourwheelers and big trucks – stuff like that.

You’d watch, wouldn’t you? My wife doesn’t like me trading stocks but she’s not the boss around here. No, she isn’t. Who told you that? Margin? What’s that? Oh wow, you can load up on margin and buy stocks? Incredible. I’m going gang busters on this. I love Wall Street the movie. The first one of course. Have I seen Margin Call? Too boring. Watched for like ten minutes and fell alseep.

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