Paul McCulley: The Greatest Hair in All of Wall Street

Jan 11, 2012
J. Webster
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Yes, Paul McCulley has the greatest hair in all of Wall Street. And I’m not just talking about the long hair but of course the beard as well, the whole shebang. Show me a financial pundit or stock trader with better hair or a better beard? Yeah, go ahead and try.

Across the Twitter stream people wearing touting MCulley has the next GEICO caveman or some said maybe he went off the deep end on some kind of peyote trip. He was called everything from Bigfoot to just an example of very poor grooming skills from a Scotsman. I don’t know how Becky Quick kept it together when she was talking to him. His hair is longer than her hair, easily. I’m surprised she didn’t ask him how long it takes to shampoo and blow dry it.

What’s crazy though is the transformation, from a clean cut and business like PIMCO manager to the wild and crazy mountain man look. Again, if you have piles of money you can do whatever it is you want. Or, maybe this was some crazy side effect from a some herb he took: his hair and beard won’t stop growing. He can’t control it. He’s becoming a werewolf.

Yes, in this picture below is the same Paul McCulley as the one in the picture above. Believe it.

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