Matt Damon New Voice of TD Ameritrade

Jan 23, 2012
J. Webster
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Continuing with our spokesperson theme, as we touched on Captain Kirk leaving Priceline and the Etrade baby, next up is Matt Damon, who is the new voice of TD Ameritrade.

Yes, the same Matt Damon who did voice over work in the documentary about the financial collapse and the corruption that took place, Inside Job, has come around and appears to like stocks again. Well, at least a nice paycheck. Who can blame him though. It beats getting beat up while playing Jason Bourne or having to buy an entire zoo for your family. Wait, turns out Damon is going to give all the money he earns to charity from ads. So his image and name is intact. Still though, you’ve got to say that Damon is now endorsing trading stocks.

Damon takes over for Law & Order star Sam Waterston; full story below.

The two stars couldn’t be more different. Waterston, 71, a Shakespearean actor who also spent 18 years as a small screen star playing district attorney Jack McCoy in the “Law & Order” TV series, exudes an old-school charm.

Damon, 41, made his mark on the big screen in movies such as “Good Will Hunting” — the screenplay for which he won an Academy Award — and more recently, the action-packed, assassin-turned-good-guy “Bourne” movie franchise. He was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2007.

Tomczyk said Waterston had been a “fantastic” spokesman, particularly through the financial crisis, with his steady, no-nonsense delivery, but the company decided to go in a different creative direction.

Waterston had been the face and voice of TD Ameritrade and predecessor firm TD Waterhouse USA since 2003.

Phillip Bowman, chief marketing officer at TD Ameritrade, said Damon was “probably one of the most talented and recognizable voices in the world right now, and we want every edge we can get for the campaign.”

Damon plans to donate the money he makes from the ads to charity, as Waterston did before him, Bowman said.

Source: Yahoo News

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