Goldman Sachs Employees Love Dumplings

Jan 12, 2012
J. Webster
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Yeah, Goldman Sachs is sort of a loved and hated firm. The name itself brings up a lot of passion on either side. The vampire squid and so on. But then there are those who trade off the Goldman Sachs conviction buy list, near desperate for it to come out.

It’s one of those things where if you’re trying to make money in the stock market then you’re ear is plugged to the wall of Goldman Sachs, waiting to hear a peep or a whisper of just what stocks their planning to buy or sell. Besides the conviction buy list, those deep secrets are closely guarded for the most part though. However, what they put in their stomachs during lunch hour has come to light. And one of their favorite foods these days is dumplings.

And they like to eat meat filled dumplings:

They prefer the pork and chicken-based dumplings to the vegetarian option, an edamame-based dumpling with lemon sansho dip. (“A very meaty crowd,” he said of the bankers.)

There aren’t just any dumplings of course. No, no way. These dumplings are made by Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, a food truck of sorts that Goldman asked to come into the new Goldman building and serve their famous dumplings. I guess making a dumpling with squid inside wouldn’t be right and probably wouldn’t taste too good either.

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