George Soros & Maria Bartiromo Have a Hat Competition

Jan 25, 2012
J. Webster
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At the 2012 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a hat competition broke out on CNBC between Maria Bartiromo and George Soros. Of course they can’t wear a simple ski hat – that would look silly. That’s for those silly hipster protesters occupying Wall Street. That’s for those little people. Me, George Soros, I’m on par with royalty and should look like royalty. I must wear a Russian snow hat of some kind and yes it has to be real fur.

My hat’s better than yours Maria. Don’t even try to compete with me Money Honey. I’m George Soros, remember. You know it’s in my contract that when I’m on CNBC I’m the only one who can wear a Russian snow hat like this. I don’t know why you’re wearing that one. Don’t try to copy me. It doesn’t look right. It only looks good on me.

Sadly, even though Melissa Lee had a perfect hat for Davos, she didn’t get to go.

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