CNBC’s Jane Wells Was On Seinfeld Finale Episode

Jan 12, 2012
J. Webster
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The hilarious Jane Wells, who does the Funny Business report on CNBC, appeared in the finale for Seinfeld. She was covering the OJ Simpson trial and Larry David asked her to play a reporter in the final show. Her hair looks a bit different back then. Wells tweeted a few details about the show:

“A few tweets about how I ended up in Seinfeld finale… 1) Larry David obsessed w/ OJ case & wanted to work trial into finale. I’d covered.”

“Part of my coverage was for Rivera Live on CNBC, and David wanted Geraldo “and that girl.” But by then, I was working at Fox News Channel. however, I was not under contract, so did not need to ask for permission. I secretly taped the scenes”

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