Best Buy Is Showroom for

Jan 3, 2012
J. Webster
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Wow, this is quite a take on the future of Best Buy, saying it’s headed to bankruptcy in a few years. Not good. But, is it really that much of a surprise?

After all, Best Buy has famously become known as nothing more than a giant showroom for People love to come into the Best Buy store and touch and feel the products they want to buy only to then actually purchase them at a usually cheaper price online at Above we have a picture of Amazon’s showroom (Best Buy) and then Amazon’s actual warehouse where all the magic and sales actually happens. It’s a slow death for Best Buy by a thousand warehouses across the country with UPS and FedEx workers sticking the needle in with each and every delivery.

Oh yeah, and all these Best Buy employees more or less work for too. And their, at times, pushy salesman type behavior steers many a customer back online as they don’t want to have someone tell them how much they need something. Although customers do get to see the products and learn a thing or two, but they still tend to just buy it online. Wait a second, are these really Best Buy employees….

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