Tim Tebow to the Rescue

Dec 17, 2011
J. Webster
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Tim Tebow has had an amazing run so far this year for the Denver Broncos. And while I love how he miraculously leads the Broncos to victory in the final minutes of the game, I’m starting to get tired of seeing him point up to the sky to thank the Lord Jesus for the win after each game. We get it already.

However, there are some companies who want to ride the Tim Tebow wave of popularity and need some kind of miracle to turn their companies around.

I’m hearing that Research in Motion, Green Mountain Coffee, Diamond Foods, and Netflix, all want to hire Tim Tebow for a national ad campaign that will run on Christmas day. These struggling companies are hoping to not only ride the wave of Tebow popularity but are just plain desperate for some kind of divine intervention to turn their bad luck around.

A bidding war is ensuing for Tebow services and the use of his likeness. Research in Motion believes if people could just see Tebow sending a message to his Mom on a Blackberry their cursed company would start to turn around. Perhaps even say at the end of the ad he’s a Christberry addict and doesn’t go anywhere with out his Bold 9900. Better yet, what about an ad that shows him using his Blackberry on the sidelines during a game. Or what if he pulled out his Blackberry and acted like his was punching out a message after scoring a touchdown.

Netflix, who alienated customers with price increases, are hoping Tebow can change their company’s reputation if he just says he watches the Passion of the Christ on Netflix on game days. He’s a believer in Netflix as not just a on demand movie service but says it’s part of God’s plan to help bring Christ to all.

Green Mountain Coffee wants Tebow to say he uses a Keurig coffee machine everyday and has two K-cups on game days. And, to celebrate after a big Denver Broncos win he sometimes even has a Hot Cocoa K-Cup with lots of whipped cream. He’s also tried the Tea K-Cups and drinks them to relax on his days off.

Diamond Foods wants Tebow to star in their next emerald nuts commercial. Diamond executives are thinking about an ad wear Tebow throws a nut up into the air and then races past the opposing team and into the end zone to catch it in his mouth himself – a sort of Hail Mary nut pass. Diamond Foods says the commerical would go viral and be as awesome as this ad below.

The price these companies are willing to pay Tim Tebow for a little piece of his magic is really not a concern. They believe if there’s one person who can save them it’s Tim Tebow. They believe that it’s not just about the ad itself but the breaking of a curse and getting on God’s side. And to do that, they believe, Tebow is the answer.

Image Source: Boston.com

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