The Russian James Altucher

Dec 10, 2011
J. Webster
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The Real James Altucher

I’m sure you’ve seen James Altucher and his shaggy head of hair, perhaps his most famous feature, on CNBC or Yahoo Finance or the Business Insider, but there’s also someone else who appears on Bloomberg from time to time, mostly on video from Moscow, who looks just like Altucher.

The Russian James Altucher

Below is Henry Meyer of Bloomberg News, who seems to act as Bloomberg’s Russian expert of some sort, often reporting from Moscow, but he also bares an uncanny resemblance to James Altucher. There are some differences of course, the Russian James doesn’t have nearly as much of a bird’s nest of hair on top of his head as the real James and he goes for a part down the middle. Still, the two look very similar what with the glasses and all.

What do you say? You think so? Is this in fact the same person? Who’s the real James Altucher?

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