Stephen Weiss Was Talking About Dicks Sporting Goods!

Dec 31, 2011
J. Webster
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OK, so it’s pretty damn funny when Fast Money’s Stephen Weiss says, “I also like Dicks quit a bit”, but he was talking about Dicks Sporting Goods!!! And the stock for Dicks, as in the ticker DKS. You know, the store that sells hats and coats and baseball bats and gloves and things like that with the emblems of various professional sports teams on them.

You’ve also got to give the rest of the Fast Money crew, from Melissa Lee to Guy Adami, for letting this one slide and not piling on Mr. Weiss when he made the mistake. Those are real friends.

However, there’s a moment there when Weiss and everyone on the desk is on the verge of laughing it up. Instead, Guy Adami saves the day and does a little public service announcement about how even if it’s not really cold outside you should still should wear a coat or jacket. Which is sort of like saying even if you think you’re safe it’s always best to wear a condom on your dick. We’ve come full circle.

This reminds me of Joe Terranova inviting Amanda Drury to go “down under”. And she was happy to except that going down under offer.

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