Ray Kachel’s Journey from Seattle to Zuccotti Park

Dec 4, 2011
J. Webster
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In the New Yorker, George Packer with a profile of a man who sold off what was left of his belongs and journeyed to New York to join the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Kachel had four hundred and fifty dollars from the sale of his copy of Final Cut Pro. For two hundred and fifty, you could travel to New York City on a Greyhound bus. He had never been farther east than Dallas, but New York City was so dense and diverse, and so full of ideas and ways to make money, that if he could learn to exist there he could surely find a place to exist. On the last night of September, he went to bed telling himself, “Oh, this is just absolutely nuts, you can’t do that.” He woke up in the morning with a clear thought: This is exactly what I’m going to do.

Read full story here.

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