Occupy Wall Street Lego Set

Dec 23, 2011
J. Webster
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Just in time for Christmas, the new Occupy Wall Street Lego set called the Riot Brigade. Gear up, roll out and put an end to dissent. The set even comes with an authentic Zuccotti Park smell!

These suckers are flying off the shelves so you better act quickly if you want to put one under your tree for your favorite future protester. Watch out for the pepper spray when you’re shopping for this one. I’m hearing people are fighting over these sets at various stores.

Not only can you get the new O.W.S. Riot Brigade set but there’s also the Arab Spring Lego addition. These sets are part of Lego’s new Civil Unrest limited edition sets. However, I think you have to make your own protest signs for both these sets. Oh yeah, sadly, pepper spray for the police officers not included.

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