Howard Lindzon Says Citibank is Shi$#% on Fast Money

Dec 7, 2011
J. Webster
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Howard Lindzon is one funny cat. He was on CNBC’s Fast Money today and said, “Citibank is a shitty business.” If you follow him on Twitter you might notice he didn’t get much sleep last night, as he seemed to be tweeting late into the night and then was up early for the CNBC show. Perhaps that was why he make the mistake – he was just worn out and let it slip.

“Banking is a great business, Citibank is a shitty business,” he said.

“Can I get a bleep here? One bleep!” Lindzon joked afterwards.

However, Lindzon is also one very clever marketer, maybe just maybe he knew if he said that he’d attract more attention and a lot of laughs. You’re supposed to be funny on TV, right? He’s also known for telling like it is and not holding back. That’s why people like him and listen to him. Take a look.

Well, Lindzon reiterates his statement via Twitter:

Hat tip to Business Insider for pointing me to the video.

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