Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd’s Dating Tips

Dec 29, 2011
J. Webster
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Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd settled with Jodie Fisher over sexual harassment charge months ago, but a new letter has emerged that is chalk full of Hurd’s dating tips and rules for engaging the ladies.

The letter, written by Fisher’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, accuses Hurd of using his “status and authority as CEO of HP” to woo Fisher into having sex with him. However, Fisher herself is said to have said the letter is full of inaccuracies. Either way, there are some high quality dating tips to glean from some of this letter’s account of what might have gone on between Fisher and Hurd.

Below are some of Hurd’s dating tips, some of which are true and some of which are very made up. And some sound very much like Seinfeld episodes. If there’s a lady you have your eye, these tips and tricks might just help you seal the deal:

  • Hold your glasses in your mouth.
  • Hire a women you admire as a greeter at your company’s events.
  • Offer large sums of money as gifts.
  • Take it out.
  • Tell them Sheryl Crow likes you.
  • Take them on trips to cities like LA, Atlanta, Boise, St. Louis and Madrid.
  • Take them out to dinner, often. Perhaps even Mortan’s steakhouse.
  • Brush your hand against their breasts and ask them to stay in your hotel room.
  • Tell them that other women are crazy about you, as in Sheryl Crow.
  • Show them how fast you can replace the ink cartridge in an HP printer.
  • Brag to them about how you’re going to buy a services company like Electronic Data Systems Corp.
  • Take them to an ATM and show them your checking account balance (Although it must contain at least $1 million like Hurd’s is said to have held when he showed Fisher).
  • Stop short.
  • Grab the women and kiss her before they can pull away.
  • Tell them how you’ve always wanted to work at Oracle.
  • Brush your hand against their breasts.
  • Tell them other women are crazy about you.
  • Tell them you want to take them on a business trip to China.
  • Without asking, feel the material of the clothes they are wearing.
  • Brush your hand against their breasts.
  • Stop by their hotel room and leave something so you have to go back and get it.

Full letter is here.

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