Fired RIMM Executives: “Chewed Through Plastic Handcuffs”

Dec 10, 2011
J. Webster
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Remember those Research in Motion executives who got wasted on the plane and had to be restrained on the fight? Well, more info is coming out about the flight and apparently the two “executives” chewed through the plastic handcuffs that were put on and it looks like a few passengers had to sit on the men until the flight could land at a closer airport – which took a full 80 minutes. Talk about a flight from hell. The flight was originally set to go to China but was diverted, on two occasions, to closer airports so the drunks could be arrested:

The pair seemed heavily intoxicated from the start of the flight, according to one passenger. They drank, passed out, and woke up to continue consuming alcohol and yelling at one another.

Campbell was described as a “rowdy and abusive” passenger who at one point warned that he would “off people when they left the plane,” according to the Crown prosecutor.

A flight attendant said that Campbell also lay belly-down in the aisle during the ordeal, and began kicking the floor.

One of the men “assaulted a flight attendant and threatened to punch another,” the prosecution told the court.

Crew members eventually handcuffed the two unruly passengers with plastic restraints and then with tape. But they eventually “chewed their way through their restraints.”

The pilots, believing they could not make the trip to Beijing for security reasons, decided to divert the plane to Anchorage. As the situation continued to escalate they changed course again and headed for the Vancouver airport, which was closer.

During the final 80 minutes of the flight, “several flight attendants and a couple of passengers” restrained the two men and the crew initiated a “lockdown situation” so that no one was allowed to leave their seats.

The prosecutor in the case called Campbell and Wilson’s conduct “way over the top.”

“The repercussions for the company as well as every single person on the plane, both financially and perhaps even emotionally, are going to be huge.” (CBC)

What happened, did the people on the flight tease and taunt the RIMM executives, saying they were working for a company that was falling apart, getting destroyed by Apple? Also, I wonder what they were supposed to do for Research in Motion once they arrived in China?

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