Family Guy Writer’s Occupy LA Arrest

Dec 9, 2011
J. Webster
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Here’s a fantastic piece by Family Guy writer Patrick Meighan about his arrest and ensuing mistreatment by the LA police.

What jumps out though is how he sums up why a lot of Occupy Wall Street protesters are still so upset: no Wall Street executives have been arrested or had to pay for their crimes. No executive had to pay for destroying their company – there were no clawbacks. Instead of punishment they were shown the door with a nice big pile of money to roll around in to eas their any suffering. For Meighan, the best example of this is former Citigroup CEO Charles Prince:

If your daughter has come out of college with a degree only to discover that there are no jobs for her, this is why.

But back to Charles Prince. For his four years of in charge of massive, repeated fraud at Citigroup, he received fifty-three million dollars in salary and also received another ninety-four million dollars in stock holdings. What Charles Prince has *not* received is a pair of zipcuffs. The nerves in his thumb are fine. No cop has thrown Charles Prince into the pavement, face-first. Each and every peaceful, nonviolent Occupy LA protester arrested last week has has spent more time sleeping on a jail floor than every single Charles Prince on Wall Street, combined.

The more I think about that, the madder I get. What does it say about our country that nonviolent protesters are given the bottom of a police boot while those who steal hundreds of billions, do trillions worth of damage to our economy and shatter our social fabric for a generation are not only spared the zipcuffs but showered with rewards?

In any event, believe it or not, I’m really not angry that I got arrested. I chose to get arrested. And I’m not even angry that the mayor and the LAPD decided to give non-violent protestors like me a little extra shiv in jail (although I’m not especially grateful for it either).

I’m just really angry that every single Charles Prince wasn’t in jail with me.

Thank you for letting me share that anger with you today.

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