Doug Kass: S&P Will Hit All Time High of 1525

Dec 27, 2011
J. Webster
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Seeing how we are approaching the end of 2011, let the 2012 stock market prediction game officially begin. And, first up to bat, is none other than Doug Kass. And no, his gnome appears not to have any say in this prediction as far as I can tell. He hasn’t been heard from in a while – perhaps he went rogue.

Anyway, Mr. Kass comes out swinging for the fences saying the stock market with hit an all time high in late 2012 based on pro-growth political strategy and the U.S. economy continuing to recover and the S&P will rise to 1525, so around 260 points from today’s price of 1265. As far as Europe, Kass sees things getting better and there’s no unknowns anymore about the European crisis. He’s saying, more or less, the stock market reacts to surprises and these factors are already built in to stock prices. Listen below.

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