Buy Shares of Lululemon, It Makes Your Booty Look Good

Dec 1, 2011
J. Webster
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Here’s why you should by shares of Lululemon (LULU): it’s makes your booty look better. That’s one of the big reasons why women buy Lululemon products, which of course makes the stock go higher. Some investors or traders are buying shares of Lululemon on the belief that they will continue to grow via store expansion. Others are buying shares of Lululemon because they might possibly be a take out target of say Nike or adidas. Some even say the rise in Lululemon is due to their scarcity model, as they make limited edition products to draw in customers who want that unique one of kind pant or jacket.

But there’s one thing women want perhaps most of all in the clothing they purchase, and that’s clothing that will make their booty look good. This is what’s driving Lululemon’s growth. Some high schools have even banned Lululemon’s tight-fitting yoga pants at their schools they create such a stir. Think about what that does for sales.

Well, that’s at least part of the analysis of Vancouver-based retail strategist and Lululemon-watcher David Ian Gray of DIG360 Consulting. He had this to say about Lululemon’s booty enhancing qualities enticing people to buy the pants:

Which is not to say that the identification with yoga requires you actually to do any yoga. “Lots of people don’t care about the yoga and just buy the product because it makes their bum look good,” Gray says. “But Lululemon has done a great job of wrapping the brand up in a lifestyle.” That is, Lululemon is very skilled at making a healthy-seeming, one-for-all shell around what is essentially an egocentric stab at looking great.

I think if you asked some ladies leaving a Lululemon store the real reason whey they purchase those tight fitting Yoga pants they’d tell you the same thing. It’s all about the bum and the booty. And that’s all you need to know. If there’s something that makes their ass look good women are going to snap it up, which means Lululemon’s stock is going higher. That is all.

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