Nonsense: Warren Buffett De-Friends Bill Gates So He Can Buy Shares of Microsoft

Nov 14, 2011
J. Webster
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Buffett: Bill, this is Warren. Listen man, we’ve got act like we’ve had a failing out, OK? It doesn’t have to be forever but just for a while, cool.

Gates: What, why Warren? What did I do?

Buffett: I want to buy some shares in Microsoft that’s why. I can’t buy shares of Microsoft if we’re so buddy buddy, people will think you told me something. People will think I’ve got inside information.

Gates: But, but, what about bridge playing, can we at least still play bridge?

Buffett: No, it’s going to have to be a full on break up so to speak, man. I’m sorry. You’ve got to understand. What with Microsoft’s dividend yield and the new Windows 7 coming out soon, it’s just time to buy the stock. I was leaning towards IBM but it’s already peaked. I was also thinking of buying some Apple shares too, but you don’t want that do you?

Gates: Hell no, how do you think we should play this out then? I’m with you now. I’ll do whatever you need me to do. What is going to cause our failing out?

Buffett: We’ve got to figure something out. I don’t know, but if we put are minds together we should be able to figure this out. And oh yeah, after I buy shares of Microsoft, would you get rid of Ballmer for me? That would really send the stock soaring.

Of course it didn’t happen that way, as we learned today via Becky Quick’s interview, Buffett ended up buying shares of IBM instead.

Becky Quick: Does this mean that this is a new era and you’re going to be looking at a lot of tech stocks and I guess chief among them, would you consider Microsoft?

Warren Buffett: I—well, Microsoft is a special case because Microsoft is off bounds to us because of my friendship with Bill and if we spent seven months buying Microsoft stock and during that period they announced a repurchase or increase of the dividend or an acquisition, people would say you’ve been getting inside information from Bill. So I have told Todd and Ted and I apply it myself that we do not ever buy a share of Microsoft. I think Microsoft is attractive but that—but we will never buy Microsoft. It—people would just assume I knew something and I don’t, but they would assume it and they would assume Bill talked to me and he wouldn’t have. But there’s no sense putting yourself in that position.

Source: CNBC

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