Occupy Kim Kardashian

Nov 8, 2011
J. Webster
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Look at that sly smile. She’s trying to sell you through and through. That’s all she does is sell, sell, sell.

So, hey Wall Street protesters, there’s a better target out there than Wall Street, says Rex Murphy of the National Post. He advises the Occupy Wall Street protesters to think about occupying Hollywood and, specifically, Kim Kardashian’s booty. Well, not her booty but her let’s say brand. And he doesn’t mean occupy Miss Kardashinan in the way that Reggie Buss or Kris Humphries did for a while. No, he means enough all ready with the whole Kardashian everywhere you look on TV.

And while he makes some very good and true points, you can’t say Kim Kardashian is responsible for the whole system’s collapse – Hollywood hasn’t been destroyed by Kim Kardashian, as Wall Street was nearly in 2008. That’s the problem with Wall Street in many ways, firms can make huge leveraged bets and then get bailed out and still pay out absurd bonuses. Still though, there are plenty of good reasons to put a halt the Kardashian Inc. train, with their copy cat purses and exercise DVDs and perfumes and diet scam products. The TV show is a good laugh but they’ve become like a weed that’s taking over the whole yard.

Has anyone, for example, apart from her jilted “husband,” thought of occupying – Kim Kardashian?

Of course, I mean “occupy” purely in its fashionable protest sense. Occupy her, not for being even more formidably vulgar and avaricious than Paris Hilton, a truly Olympic distinction. No – occupy her for running a tawdry TV spectacle called (hand over mouth, please) Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, selling the rights, drowning in the publicity and then announcing the “divorce” a mere 72 days into the staged connubial farce.

Various reports – one from the New York Post, for instance – put the revenues from this mockery, the flow of cash to Kardashian Inc., at something over $17-million. Is it possible – yes I’m reverting to the great cliché without the smack of an apology – that we live in a world where children starve for want of a dime a day, while this bloated, vacuous ego gets to rake in $17-million for a gaudy, inane travesty? If greed’s the target, and vulgarity a bonus, then Occupy Kim Kardashian. Occupy the whole dam clan of Khardashians for their shameless cupidity.

(National Post)

Update: This has now come true. With a number of people signing a petition to get the Kardashians off the air. And one protester holding up a sign saying that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are an example of capitalism failing.

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