Meredith Whitney Says Dick Handler Best CEO Nobody Knows

Nov 3, 2011
J. Webster
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Well, it looks like it’s Meredith Whitney came to the rescue for Jefferies. She’s here to save the day for the under pressure Jefferies (JEF) and their CEO Dick Handler. With the stock being chopped down, and even halted at one point, it was Whitney who called in like superwomen to put somewhat of a floor under the stock. The stock actually turned green at one point but ended the day down around 2%. Still, that was much better than the 20% it was down when it was halted.

“Rich Handler is one of the best CEOs no one’s ever heard of,” Whitney said in a brief telephone interview, adding that he has “managed the company so conservatively and has raised capital and done the largest debt deal ever just to play it safe and have cap buffers.”

Jefferies of course is being lumped together with MF Global, which just want bankrupt due to some over leveraged bets on European debt. Jefferies however as come out saying they have “no meaningful net exposure” to European sovereign debt. Which of course didn’t do much to stop the stocks downfall.

And yes, the CEO of Jefferies is really named Richard (Dicky) Handler. It’s nearly as bad as Gaylord “Greg” Myron Focker, but that was from a movie, this is real life. As The Reformed Brokers said, “I wouldn’t underestimate the $JEF CEO, anyone who grew up with the name Dick Handler has gotta be a tough sonofabitch.”

I’ll say this though to wrap things up: I don’t think people will forget Dick Handler’s name once they know it. So Whitney, I guess people have now heard of Jefferies CEO Dicky Handler. No more Little Dicky Handler.

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