Karen Finerman Starting to Look at Buying Research in Motion

Nov 2, 2011
J. Webster
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So, what with Research in Motion trading down to around book value, and not at a price since 2002, before it ever made any money, a couple of CNBC’s Fast Money traders are thinking it might be time to buy some RIM. The stock touched a new 52 week low of $18.55 a share. Ouch.

You’d think that what with the mobile space expected to only grow there would be room for Blackberries across the world. Someone has to want and need a keyboard on their phone, right? And, they certainly have to be a potential takeover target by maybe someone like Microsoft…

This certainly isn’t a wholehearted back the truck up and load up kind of stock, but at least someone’s talking about the stock that Apple beat down to a pulp.

”Since it was in the mid-20’s I’ve been telling you it would trade down to the high teens,” says Guy Adami.

“Maybe now it’s worth a look but I would probably wait for a capitulation flush. I don’t think we’ve seen it yet.”

”I’m starting to get interested in the buy side,” reveals Karen Finerman. “I don’t own it but I’m going to look at it.” (CNBC)

What do you say? Do you agree with Guy Adami and Finerman?

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