Breaking News: Timothy Geithner Has a High Pitched Giggle

Nov 12, 2011
J. Webster
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We know a few, let’s say non-financial things about Tim Geithner, like how he likes to surf, but we didn’t know he likes to let the F-Bombs fly when he’s talking to Obama about the banks and that he has a high-pitched giggle. Those are two new things we’ve learned about the Treasury Secretary. And yes, those are two very important things to know about our Treasury Secretary.

“Aides say that nearly as important to the president as Mr. Geithner’s expertise in battling financial crises has been his style in doing so. He was cool in a crisis, and while he was just as confident as the other members of the administration’s first team of economic advisers, with its big egos, he was the self-effacing one who could break the tension with a little sarcasm, a lot of profanity and his high-pitched giggle.” (NY Times)

What I’m wondering now though is, how high-pitched is the giggle? Is it at a high enough of a pitch that it will break glass or cause Obama’s dog Bo to run whimpering away to hide as though a screeching firecracker has gone off? And how long does this high pitched-giggle last? Do they have to get him to stop because it’s disruptive in meetings?

As far as his use of profanity: That’s very cool and hopefully he is indeed throwing around a bunch of F-Bombs whenever possible. Cussing should be required when talking about bailing out banks or trying to get Europe to realize they’re on the brink of collapse if they don’t do something. I’d much rather have a Treasury Secretary who says fu#4 than fudge or sh#$ instead of shoot. And how else could a Treasury Secretary survive such a tumultuous period of time in the financial markets around the world if they’re not saying F#$@ every now and again. If Geithner wasn’t using profanity then I’d be worried.

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