Nonsense: There’s a Pink Unicorn at the Occupy Wall Street Protest

Oct 5, 2011
J. Webster
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Yes, it’s true, unicorns are real and one is leading the charge at the Occupy Wall Street protest. Look out bankers and traders, the pink unicorn is gunning for ya.

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Once Wall Street traders learn that a pink unicorn is the leader of the Occupy Wall Street movement, they will all agree to forgo bonuses or golden parachutes until the unemployment level is at 5% and make less risky trades with huge amounts of leverage.

Everyone is saying that the protesters don’t have a clear message, that they’re a fractured group without a focus. Well, you can take that back now, the pink unicorn will shoot its rainbow laser in your eyes and blind you if you don’t watch out. It’s time to take them seriously. And the Occupy Wall Street message was always clear from the start anyway. Clearly stated on this sign all along – don’t think anyone could say it any better. And certainly this sign will make you stop and think: – a chart of the average household income in the United States. Yeah, that sums it up pretty well.

Notice how the cops in the white uniforms aren’t even trying to mess with the unicorn. Yeah, they’re scared. You should be too. Oh yeah, and Satan, you should watch you’re back as well. The unicorn won’t be defeated. There will be armies of protesters rising up across the United States all with unicorns out front leading the marches. Just wait.

Update: There are some new leaders coming to the forefront at the Occupy Wall Street protest, people like Jesse LaGreca, who tells it like it is. And then Bill Buster appeared on Charlie Rose no less, and seems like a potential leader of the movement. However, we still love the pink unicorn and think it should lead the charge. The truth is, I don’t think the protesters want an out and out leader, they want to remain a collective group, who share the common purpose to correct the inequities in the United States.

Don’t get us wrong, we support the protesters and their movement. As someone said: it’s a movement based around anger and hope rather than anger and fear. They believe things can be fixed, otherwise they wouldn’t be out there protesting. And the protesters want to make things better for everyone, especially the 99%, and not have the top 1% control everything. Makes sense.

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