Picture: The Najarian Brother’s Rolling Trading Office

Oct 21, 2011
J. Webster
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Ever wonder how the Najarian brothers, Jon and Pete, get around when they’re in New York City? Well, it seems they have some kind of rolling office, so they don’t miss a trading opportunity when they’re trying to get to CNBC so they can appear on Fast Money or the Fast Money Halftime Report.

Looks quite nice don’t you think. Apparently, those laptops are all Apple Macs. If call volume starts to spike in say shares of Akamai, on the rumor that Google wants to buy the company, while the brothers are in route, no need to fear, the Najarian Bros can trade while driving. And if they want to bang their heads against some bricks to gets some coins or mushrooms they can do that too. Although they really love it when they get those stars that make you invincible for a little while.

If you think this is cool you should see how their helicopter is decked out.

Hat tip to Jon Najarian for the picture.

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