Hedge Fund Manager Calls Protesters Fringe Group, Ragtag

Oct 15, 2011
J. Webster
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This quote sure is going to go over well with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. I’m sure this will stir some things up and give them a jolt of energy to continue their efforts. Make more signs. March more. Stay longer. Many say the protesting will start to fade once the cold weather in New York comes. Quotes like these might change that.

“Most people view it as a ragtag group looking for sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll,” said one top hedge fund manager.

“It’s not a middle-class uprising,” adds another veteran bank executive. “It’s fringe groups. It’s people who have the time to do this.”

Full NY Times article is here.

It’s like these banks and hedge fund managers are purposely putting fuel on the fire. It’s like they’re handing the protesters cans of Red Bulls to keep their energy levels high. Their timing is impeccable. Bank of America dismisses two top executives and gives them $11 million, while at the same time firing 30,000. What did those 30,000 get after they were fired? I bet a lot of them are now showing up at Occupy Wall Street protests. And Bank of America decides to start charging customers $5 monthly fees for using debt cards. It’s like BofA doesn’t want to lose their most hated bank tag.

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