Erin Burnett Mocks Occupy Wall Street

Oct 8, 2011
J. Webster
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I love Erin Burnett, especially when she was on CNBC, but she made a big mistake in mocking the Occupy Wall Street protesters on her new CNN show OutFront. Sure, she might be right, the protesters aren’t as informed as they should be, but they’re also right in protesting: Wall Street used too much leverage, Wall Street made too many risky trades without the capital to back them up, and Wall Street pays out too many and too big of bonuses during a financial crisis that they caused in a lot of ways.

Burnett should come out and say she was wrong to mock a passionate movement looking for fairness and justice – that’s really what they’re asking for in the end. And it’s more just the tone that Burnett used, like she was taking to a child. And yeah, we here at have made some nonsense jokes about Occupy Wall Street, but it was clear we were joking and never mocked their passion and the reason they were protesting.

What do you think? Was Erin Burnett wrong?

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