Bank of America Helps Occupy Wall Street Protesters With Sign Ideas

Oct 9, 2011
J. Webster
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Bank of America kindly gave the Occupy Wall Street protesters some new ideas for signs this next week, and free of charge if you can believe it, no hidden fees with this one. It’s really an old refrain, the concept of golden parachutes, but you’d think with a bank already in the most hated category and many current account holders on the verge of exiting, they’d re-think some of their moves.

But Brian Moynihan is a generous fellow, and has decide to hand out a small sum to two former executives after firing them, and the protesters will happily draw up some news signs around these absurd payouts. So, in the end it’s a win win for everyone, sign ideas for protesters and millions to two former executives. Happy days are here again.

Bank of America Corp., the lender seeking to trim expenses by eliminating at least 30,000 jobs, will pay former wealth-management division head Sallie L. Krawcheck $6 million after her dismissal last month.

That sum includes one year of her former salary, or $850,000, and a one-time payment of $5.15 million to be awarded in 2012, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank said today in a filing. Joseph Price, whose position was also eliminated, gets a $5 million package, the bank said.

Source: Bloomberg

Potential signs for Wall Street protesters related to the golden parachute payouts of two fired executives:

Give Me Some Of That Severance Check Krawcheck

Cut Me a Check Krawcheck

I Need A Golden Parachute Bank of America, To Poop On

BofA: Get Fired, Get Millions Of Tax Payers’ Money

Foreclose On Bank of America’s Executive Payouts

Won’t Loan Me Money, But Will Pay Out Millions To Fired Executives

Sallie, Don’t Take the Money, It’s Tainted With The Blood of 30,000 Former Employees

$11 Million Dollar Payout, Are You Fuc@#@$ Serious!

Hey Joe, Nice Severance Package, You Bastard

Sallie Sure is Pretty, But That’s A Lot of Money

BofA: No More Golden Parachutes, You Bastards

You Can Fire Me For Just Two Million

You Can Fire Me For Just One Million

The $11 Million Dollar Parachute Is Just Wrong, Even For B of FUC#$@@ A

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