Alec Baldwin: Defender of Capitalism

Oct 21, 2011
J. Webster
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Alec Baldwin swooped down to Occupy Wall Street the other night, money falling out of his pockets as he touched down into the camp, his cap flying in the wind. He ripped off his shirt and had a large money symbol ($) shaved out of his chest hair. He’s not doing 30 Rock or acting anymore he said. He’s turned to a greater good. He’s turned into a super hero: The Defender of Capitalism. Of course his body guard was with him though.

“You have to have capital markets in this country,” Baldwin said. “You can’t not have strong capital markets in this country or this country is going to go down the tubes. … Capitalism is worthwhile and capitalism demands the flow of money. … You want the banks to do what the banks do.”

Don’t get us wrong, we love Alec Baldwin. What other actors or stars do you see at Occupy Wall Street engaging with the protesters…

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