Top Ten Thoughts Going Through the Heads of Netflix Shareholders Right Now

Sep 29, 2011
J. Webster
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If you bought shares of Netflix in the $200 range you’re hurting right now. The stock has been getting hammered ever since Netflix CEO Reed Hastings decided to more or less end the DVDs-by-mail option, as he moved it to a separate service, which essentially doubled the price if you wanted both mail and instant streaming together.

In the long run Mr. Hasting is right, movies will all be delivered on demand and instantly, but right now it looks like Netflix is losing tons of customers and the market isn’t too happy either, as the stock is tanking day after day this week. Once hitting a lofty $300 a share price, the stock is now trading ever so near $100 a share. So, there are some investors hurting right now and very angry. Here’s the top ten thoughts running through the heads of current share holders, and in particular, those shareholders who bought in the $200-$300 range.

10. Why the hell didn’t I sell at $300?

9. Whitney Tilson you were right man. I take back everything I said.

8. Damn Reed Hastings. Damn you.

7. Damn Jim Cramer.

6. I just knew it. What was I thinking…I should have sold half at least when it hit the upper $200 range.

5. I’m canceling my Netflix service. Bastards can rot in hell for all I care now.

4. I’ll never buy another stock again.

3. I’M SO MAD. FUc#@#$ hell I’m pissed!!! (Slams hands down on his desk and pulls at his hair, nearly in tears.)

2. What am I going to tell my wife? She said to be careful. She said not to buy so much…

1. Why the hell didn’t I sell at $300?

There is hope though for all these folks. Goolge is aid to have recently offered $4 billion to buy, so Netflix should be closer $7 billion if someone was to purchase the company. Roger Ebert has weighed in over at Bloomberg and supports the instant streaming switch. And one of the founders of Netflix, Marc Randolph, has also weighed in with a blog post in support of Reed Hastings and the recent changes. Hang in their shareholders of Netflix. Tomorrow is a new day.

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