The Warren Buffett Interviews

Sep 30, 2011
J. Webster
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Usually it’s Becky Quick who interviews Warren Buffett, but since she’s pregnant, Buffet has gone Asian, with the beautiful Betty Liu over at Bloomberg getting the interview and then the new star on the street, Andrew Ross Sorkin, doing the interview over at CNBC. I wonder if he’ll go back to Becky Quick when she returns or if he’ll stick with Liu and Sorkin. I’m guessing he’s loyal and goes back to Quick. Plus, Sorkin doesn’t hold back and drills down with his questions – maybe ruffling the feathers of Buffett a little bit. Sorkin and Liu interview Buffett separately of course and, fortunately, the interviews don’t take place in Buffett’s legendary bath tub.

Sorkin Interviewing Buffett

Buffett thinks “it’s very, very unlikely we’ll go back into a recession.”

Betty Liu Interviewing Buffett

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