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Sep 1, 2011
J. Webster
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If you don’t know who the Sunrise Trader is you should. If you’re not following him on Twitter you should. In the stock market world, where the phrase greed is good is often a mantra, it’s refreshing to hear from someone so grounded.

The Sunrise Trader makes some excellent points about not only trading stocks via trends and charts but how none of it really matters if we’re not healthy. The desire to make money trading stocks is meaningless if we’re not healthy. And nearly everyday, as if to prove this, he always seems to get outside for some exercise to clear his mind. Very, very good advice.

Here’s a few examples of recent tweets the Sunrise Trader has posted on Twitter. There are some gems in here. Take a look. He’s like the Buddha of stock trading:

  • As boring as it can be, remember cash is a position. As traders our #1 job is to manage risk. Patience needed for new swing setups
  • Remember without our health none of this matters. Do something that works your body and relaxes your brain. Be safe, be well.
  • Trade your plan not someone elses. Stay focused and let the market tell you. Trade what you see not what you think or hope
  • Don’t trade out of boredom. or because you want to make something happen. Trade because you have a clear plan. Managing risk is your #1 job
  • Done for the day out of here for some exercise. going to spend the rest of the day outside. Back after dark to complete stock homework
  • Be occupied by now and next. Shoulda, woulda, coulda a drain on emotional capital.
  • Taking a coffee outside sit in the sunshine and feed my koi back later
  • Out of here for a long walk.
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