Occupy Wall Street at Manu Chao Concert

Sep 13, 2011
J. Webster
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At a recent Manu Chao concert there was a call or chant to occupy Wall Street. This call comes towards the end of the video below. I’m assuming this is part of the Anonymous group’s message to ‘occupy Wall Street’ on September 17th. Hopefully this turns out to be a peaceful, non-violent manifestation.

The 17th is a Saturday, so the stock market will be closed, so that seems like a positive sign – meaning their not trying to create a disruption during stock market hours. Also, with a Saturday protest more people are able to make it. But of course these days, what with unemployment close to 10%, there are plenty of folks who just don’t have work. I’m guessing this is why they’re protesting and want to occupy Wall Street. Makes perfect sense.

I’m all for protests as long as they are peaceful.

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