Nonsense: CNBC Rolling Out New Cramer Segment

Sep 28, 2011
J. Webster
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Jim Cramer’s mid-day take on the stock market, “Stop Trading”, changed once Erin Burnett left CNBC.

And now Six in sixty is just too easy.

The stakes have been raised. Time for the real deal: Ten stocks on a bed of coals in ten seconds. Cramer will answer stock questions while standing on a bed of hot coals as Melissa Lee and Amanda Drury shout stock tickers out at him wearing Jon Stewart masks.

Cramer will also have to balance a jug of water on his head while he stands on the burning coals. If he dumps any of the water out Herb Greenberg will whip him across the back. Yes, Cramer will be shirtless too. If Cramer doesn’t know a stock ticker they mention or doesn’t say anything of value about the company/stock, they will throw darts at him until he comes up with some kind of an answer.

If Cramer doesn’t give the outlook of ten stocks in ten seconds a pit will open up below him with a tiger in it. Coming soon to CNBC. Booyah!

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